Comprehensive Policy

Industry Access Catalogue for Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Services Industry Cooperation Zone

  I.Financial sector
  1.Banking financial institutes
  2.Non-bank financial institutes (including but not limited to non-bank financial institutes approved by financial regulatory authorities and representative offices of overseas non-bank financial institutes in China)
  3.Non-financial institutes (including but not limited to payment institutions)
  4.Securities companies, securities investment fund companies, futures company, securities investment consultancies and its subsidiaries, fund services institutes and broker direct investment companies.
  5.Insurance companies, insurance asset management companies and insurance specialized agencies.
  6.Agencies for financial services outsourcing and other financial services
  7.Equity financing and transaction services agencies
  8.Startup capital fund, equity investment fund and its management companies
  9.Equity investment fund
  10.Factor markets approved by authorities
  11.Property rights exchange services
  12.Credit guarantee services
  13.Financial leasing and guarantee services
  14.Approved off-shore financial services
  15.Supply chain financial services
  16.Automobile financing company
  17.Shipping financial services for shipping financing, shipping insurance, freight index derivatives transaction, etc.  
  18.Loan and pledge services for intangible assets like IPR and beneficiary right
  19.Financial services for small and medium companies
  20.The development and application of financial products
  21.The development and application of statistics information system for banking, securities and insurance 
  22.The development, application and services for financial regulatory technologies
  23.Other financial innovation
  II.Modern logistics
  1.Supply chain management service
  2.International shipping agent services
  3.International shipping services
  4.Trade brokerage, agencies and services
  5.Shipping transaction, brokerage and consultative services
  6.Domestic road and waterway transportation and supporting business 
  7.Railway transportation services
  8.Services for documentation management and logistic settlement
  9.The development and application of logistics information system
  10.The research and application of logistics standardization
  11.The development and application of modern logistics techniques
  12.The construction and application of public services platform for logistics
  13.The delivery and express services based on e-commerce
  14.R&D and operation management of the international dispatch system of container consolidation
  15.Aircraft and aviation material trading services
  16.Bonded logistics for bonded exhibition and bonded transaction
  17.Third party logistics
  18.E-commerce-involved commercial services 
  III.Information services sector
  1.Basic telecommunications (including but not limited to fixed communication business, cellular mobile communication business, satellite communication business, data communication business, radio paging services, network access business, domestic communication infrastructure services, business trusteeship business)
  2.Value-added telecommunication business (including but limited to online data processing and transaction business, domestic multi-party call business, domestic virtual private network business, store & forward business and information services business)
  3.Electronic authentication
  4.The development and application of e-commerce and e-government system
  5.The development and application of integrated new business media combining broadband communications, mobile multimedia broadcasting and TV, and digital TV
  6.Third-party public information services
  7.Digital content services
  8.Information resource development and information technology consultancy
  9.The development and application of information security technology
  10.Data mining, analysis and services
  11.The development and application of internet digital content
  12.The development and application of technologies related to a new generation of mobile communication network, IPV6-based internet and satellite communications
  13.The development and application of common software, industry application software and embedded software
  14.The development and application of industrial (company) management and information solution 
  15.The development and application of technologies like high-reliability calculation, intelligent network, mobile internet and Internet of Things
  16.Internet-based software services platform, software development and testing services, information system integration and consultancy
  IV.Technology services sector
  1.Domestic and overseas scientific research institutions and their affiliates, and international technological innovation institutions
  2.Industrial common technology platform services
  3.Technology R&D services, technology consultancy, technological achievement migration, conversion and application services
  4.Technology incubation, and evaluation, assignment, transaction and appraisal of technological achievement
  5.Professional technological services for industries
  6.Quality authentication and testing services, and inspection, appraisal and certification of imports and exports
  7.Advanced services for high-end technology including information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing.
  V.Professional services
  1.Accounting, appraisal and legal services
  1)accounting & auditing services
  2)appraisal services
  3)litigation and arbitration services
  4)legal services
  2.Consultation services
  1)consultations on macro-economy
  2)credit investigation & rating
  3)industry information consultations & services
  4)other high-end consultation services
  3.Engineering services
  1)urban planning & architecture design services
  2)engineering consultation services (including engineering design & project management services)
  4.Cultural creativity services
  1)creative design services
  2)industrial design services
  3) cultural services trading
  4) development of cultural information resource 
  5)program production, publishing, transaction and derivatives development regarding music, technology, sports and entertainment in radio and TV stations; movie shooting, publishing, broadcasting and derivatives development 
  6) internet-based audio-video technology services and development
  7)comic creation, producing, spread and derivatives development
  8) R&D and operation of online games 
  9)technology development for supervising content of press and publication; technological development and application on copyright protection, and publication production and issuance; publication network construction and logistic services for publication; and services on international marketing for publications and copyright
  10) high-tech printing, digital printing, green printing, creative printing, and printing processing services
  11) mobile multimedia radio & television; digitalization of radio, movie and TV programs; the development and application of services supervision technologies on digital movies
  12) performance brokerage services
  13)services for digital content such as digital music and mobile media (excluding mobile publishing)
  5.Exhibition services
  1)operation & management services for international brand exhibitions, large-scale international conferences and professional exhibitions
  2)exhibition planning, promotion, organization, advertisement, overseas exhibitions, etc.
  3)development and application of exhibition information technologies
  6. Education & medical services
  1) high-end education, training & distance education services
  2) high-end professional medical care, professional health care and distance medical treatment 
  3) psychological consulting and treatment services
  7. Human resources services 
  1)employment & startup guidance, services for talent recruitment, training and high-level talent search and visit
  2)human resources management consultations, and outsourcing, evaluation and information management services for human resources 
  8.IPR services
  1)agency, registration, evaluation, authentication, consultation and training of IPR
  2)search, analysis, evaluation and data processing of IPR information
  3)IPR conversion, trusteeship, assignment, licensing and auction
  4)investment and financing services including IPR appraisal, pledge and insurance
  9.Household services
  1) housekeeping services
  2) elderly care services
  3) patient escort services
  4) community care services
  VI.Public services sector
  1.Operation services for integrated urban management platform
  2.The development and application of urban construction technology
  3.Urban public infrastructure services
  4.The development and application of environmental protection, resource recycling and energy conservation technologies
  5.Services for public infrastructure construction and operation 
  6.Services for public management and social organizations
  7.Social work services
  8.Leisure services regarding cruise and aviation
  9.High-end property management and leasing services