Qianhai offers free Wi-Fi with high broadband speed

Smart-Qianhai, the name of the free public Wi-Fi provided by Qianhai Authority is regarded as one of the highest speed broadband of its kind in China. It is also one of the most stable public Wi-Fi. 
Several years ago, when Qianhai started its infrastructural construction, the idea of building a high-speed broadband was put on the list. Now the speed reaches 40 Mbps, which is rare in Chinese cities. 
Once you have entered the area, as long as you begin to receive Wi-Fi signal, you will find “Free-Smart-Qianhai.” And once you get connected, you can enjoy the high-speed Wi-Fi service. 
According to authorities, this year Qianhai will invest 20 million yuan to further perfect its free public Wi-Fi and they said in future they will cooperate with Hong Kong’s telecom operators to allow Hong Kongers to immediately get connected once they enter Qianhai.