Qianhai to be offshore financial center: experts

With various financial innovations, Qianhai now has attracted about 5,300 financial companies, according to Li Yuhong, project director of Foresea Cube, at Wednesday’s Qianhai Finance Forum.
Li Yuhong, a professional policy analyst, said Qianhai’s growth on renminbi and cross-border foreign currency funding, Qualified Foreign Limited Partner (QFLP) and Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (QDLP) has surpassed Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
Li Jingwen, partner of Dacheng Law Offices Shenzhen branch, said that Qianhai will be another offshore financial center for Chinese investors as the area has gathered many private equity institutions and China has seen another fervor on issuing private equity funds overseas.
Besides of the growth of private equity business, Li Jingwen also mentioned that the number of financial leases enterprises in Qianhai ranked first in the country, creating more ways for investors to conduct equity trading.
According to the statistics provided by Foresea Cube, Qianhai’s official business promotion partner, Qianhai has around 3,000 factoring companies, 2,100 financial lease companies, 90 banks and security companies and 19 elements platforms.