Notary office invited to provide services in Qianhai

Qianhai Cooperation Zone People s Court, which accepts cases that involve Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign parties, signed a framework agreement with Qianhai Notary Public Office on Thursday, aiming to provide multiple options for dispute resolution.
Wen Changzhi, president of the court, said the approach was an actual practice that was abided by a requirement made by the Supreme People s Court and the Ministry of Justice.
According to the requirement, courts are encouraged to work with notary offices to improve auxiliary judicial services. Qianhai court will be the first to carry out such practices in Shenzhen,  Wen said.
According to the agreement, the notary office will build an online legal information platform with Qianhai court, releasing auxiliary legal service information and providing online services, such as mediation and data analysis. The notary office can also provide notarial services and transfer mediation and other related materials to the court. In addition, the court and the notary office will set up a work group to increase the efficiency of services, carry out related investigations, secure property information and conduct other auxiliary services.
We will share information on related files, allowing the notary office to inquire on documents such as judgement documents and empowering the court to check the notary office s documents online,  Wen said.
In 2016, the court has accepted over 3,400 cases. By the end of this year, the court expects to handle over 6,000 cases, most of which are commercial cases.