Qianhai Court bridges gap

The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone People’s Court, established in January 2015, has introduced a wide range of innovative policies to bridge the gap between the judicial systems in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland over the past year.
ON July 26, 13 Hong Kong jurors were appointed by the court, marking an important step on the road to the nation’s judicial reform.
These jurors are Hong Kong or overseas graduates aged between 29 and 49, specializing in fields varying from finance and technology to cultural industry and public affairs. Their rich experiences in handling both Hong Kong and international cases enable them to voice their opinions more effectively and reach a just verdict.
In a bid to meet various demands from litigants, the court has also recruited 29 mediators from Hong Kong to reconcile legal disputes. The approach enables the court to explore advanced ideas and solutions in its mediation system by drawing experience from Hong Kong.
The court has also appointed 15 presiding judges after a citywide recruitment. The average age of these judges is 38, and all of them have worked in the legal sector for more than a decade.
Among these presiding judges, five of them are master’s degree holders who majored in common law at The University of Hong Kong.