Qianhai Financial Holdings is invited to join in Green Finance Committee

Recently Qianhai Financial Holdings Company was invited to join Green Finance Committee (GFC). 
Once being accepted, QFH will help to build a bridge between the mainland and oversea financial market and have more cross-border green finance business. 
partnership between government-backed green finance initiatives in Britain and China has made a number of recommendations in a report that will help grow green finance across the globe, said a press release from the City of London Wednesday.
The report, titled Turning Green Momentum into Actions, is the latest contribution from the UK-China Green Finance Taskforce, which was set up by the Green Finance Initiative (GFI) of the City of London and its Chinese counterpart, the Green Finance Committee (GFC) of the China Society for Finance and Banking.
Green finance includes private sector investments in technologies, infrastructure and innovative start-ups that can create jobs and allow businesses to expand, boosting economic growth while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.