PRESIDENT Xi Jinping said Wednesday that economic development is the central task, innovation is the most important driving force behind development and talent is the most important resource for innovation, as he joined a panel discussion with deputies from Guangdong at the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress.
  He stressed that China must rely on innovation to replace old growth drivers with new ones in order to build a strong country, and talent policies and innovation mechanisms will be the focus of the next step of reform.
  After hearing a speech by Yuan Yuyu, a deputy who returned from overseas to start a business in Guangdong, Xi said he was relieved to see overseas-educated returnees like Yuan have achieved healthy development on the homeland. He urged local governments to attach equal importance to local talents and overseas returnees to ensure they fulfill their dreams while serving the motherland.
  Xi said compulsory education of migrant children is a universal problem, which was mentioned by deputy Mi Xuemei, a migrant worker who shared a speech about the sweet and bitter of her life over the past two decades in Guangdong.
  China is now pushing forward urbanization so that rural migrant workers can build a stable life in cities and take their children with them to the cities instead of leaving them behind, Xi said. He hoped the rural elderly could benefit from the country’s rural vitalization strategy.
  He said policymakers should put themselves in the shoes of migrant workers in order to take care of their most imminent needs when making policies and work hard to make people feel happy and satisfied.
  He required that Guangdong, as a province with a large migrant population, continue to explore and accumulate experience in improving and innovating social governance as well as make new contributions to the development and perfection of the country’s socialism with Chinese characteristics.
  Xi said while continuing to accelerate urbanization, the province should also push forward counter-urbanization to avoid shrinking villages, encouraging people to exert their talent in villages and rural entrepreneurs to take root in and give a boost to the countryside.
  The president stressed the importance of strengthening the Party building work in private enterprises, adding that enterprises will get a boost from implementing the new development concept of the Central Committee of the CPC. He said the government and businesses should achieve a close and clean relationship.