Work starts on Greater Bay Area projects

Construction on four major projects that will boost the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area kicked off in Bao’an District on Feb. 13.

It was announced at a launch ceremony marking the start of construction work on 31 Greater Bay Area projects across Shenzhen.

The four infrastructure projects are Binhai Culture Park, Mawan Cross-sea Passage, Xincheng Flyover renovation and Phase II of Shiqing Boulevard.

The 10.6-billion-yuan (US$1.56 billion), 8.05-kilometer Mawan Cross-Sea Passage will link Yueliangwan Boulevard in Qianhai and Dachan Bay Toll Gate of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway in Bao’an.

It will include a 2.5-kilometer road in Qianhai, a 1.1-kilometer underwater tunnel and a 4.45-kilometer road in the Dachan Bay area, according to the construction plan.

It is expected to be finished in three years. Upon completion, the passage will be mainly tasked with cargo traffic at Mawan, Chiwan and Shekou ports and some of the passenger traffic to the port areas. It was also designed to improve the link between Bao’an Central Business District and Qianhai.

“It will ease traffic on roads leading to port areas in Qianhai and improve the urban environment in the area,” Yu Baoming, director with Shenzhen Municipal Transport Commission, said at the ceremony.

The renovation of Xincheng Flyover linking Phase II of Nanping Expressway and Bao’an Boulevard will build 16 ramps that will extend a total of 8.2 kilometers. The project will play a crucial role in connecting Qianhai, Bao’an and Nanshan.

The 7.66-kilometer Phase II of Shiqing Boulevard will link Bulong Road in Shiyan Subdistrict in Bao’an and Longguan Road in Longhua District. The six-lane two-way road will be a trunk line connecting Bao’an, Longhua and Longgang districts.

The Binhai Culture Park in Bao’an CBD covers 1.68 million square meters and borders Qianhai in the east and Dachan Bay in the west.

Unlike traditional public parks, it is designed to integrate the functions of an art center, recreational facilities, such as a Ferris wheel, and bus stops.