Online judicial auction system increases efficiency

The online judicial auction system called “top-speed auction,” which was jointly created by Shenzhen Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court and Jingdong’s auction platform, has auctioned off 237 items involving 1.83 billion yuan (US$272.7 million) since the launch of the system, representing a 60 percent increase in disposal efficiency.

The online system has integrated various functions, such as task allocation, process monitoring, electronic service and intelligent distribution.

The system realizes the visual management of judicial auctions and ensures every step of the process is covered. The court staffer delivers the judicial auction file to the assistance center of the online judicial auction system, which then enters the basic information into the system and allocates the auction task. Later, the auction system will display the auction information.

The system supports information query, so the court staffer in charge of handling the case can look up the status of the auction.

One highlight of an online judicial auction is that the whole process is paperless. Normally, a judicial auction consists of steps including big data evaluation, on-site investigation, putting up announcements and serving legal documents, which require paper. With the online system, the tedious process of making paper documents has been eliminated, thus increasing efficiency.

By analyzing the way the money was allocated, the system can also confirm the calculation method of the principal and the interest, as well as the general expenses produced during the disposal process, thus providing reference to the judge regarding the drafting of the plan for allocating money.