Centralized cooling system makes Qianhai cooler

The No. 10 central air condition system, located in the Mawan area of Qianhai, started to operate recently, bringing cool air to its surrounding facilities on these scorching hot days.

As one of the underground cooling systems, the No. 10 system was designed to provide cooled air to buildings of a total floor area of 993,000 square meters in the Unit 19 plot of Mawan.

The system adopts electric, steam and ice-storage refrigeration technology to make the most use of resources and save energy.

With a maximum radius of 1.5 kilometers, the No. 10 system allows up to 73 percent of the developed area to enjoy the service.

Taking the Qianhai Excellence Financial Center as an example, which receives cooled air from the No. 2 cooling system, the building with a 126,800-square-meter construction area can save around 13.63 million yuan (US$1.98 million) annually on air conditioning. Additionally, self-built refrigeration facilities for an air-conditioning room would occupy about 2,000 square meters of the building's area. By adopting the central cooling system, buildings only need a 200-square-meter room for the air-conditioning equipment, representing a space savings of 90 percent. There also is no need to build cooling towers on the roof.

Compared with the traditional central air conditioning mode, the 10 cooling facilities will help save 130 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, which would consume 16,000 tons of coal, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 130,000 tons.

In the future, the developers plan to apply seawater, afterheat and reused water cooling technologies to optimize the use of resources and increase the energy efficiency in the area.