Bridges enhance transport connection in Qianhai

Sun Yuchen, a local photo journalist, remained in awe for a couple minutes after arriving at the central business district (CBD) of Bao’an from the office building of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone Authority near Qianwan Road 1 in less than 15 minutes by driving through the bridges that connect the various areas of Qianhai and Bao’an CBD on Thursday noon.
“I can’t believe it now takes so little time to drive to Bao’an CBD from Qianhai,” Sun said, adding that he used to have to detour through Yueliangwan and Bao’an boulevards, which are often congested with container trucks and other heavy vehicles, to arrive in Bao’an CBD. “When I was in Qianhai to take photos about three years ago, it took me quite some time to go from the Mawan area to the Qianwan area or the Guiwan area by detouring to Yueliangwan Boulevard,” he said.
Sun on Thursday drove to Bao’an CBD through Qianhai on Menghai Boulevard, passing by the No. 7 landscape Bridge and the No. 11 Bridge before arriving at Bao’an CBD, greatly shortening the travel time.

No. 11 Landscape Bridge

The 215-meter-long No. 11 Bridge links Menghai Boulevard in the south and Xinhu Road in Bao’an District in the north. It has become the major gateway out of Qianhai in the north since it was open to traffic in April. The six-lane, two-way bridge has a designed speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

No. 7 Landscape Bridge

Located in the central area of the whole of Qianhai, the No. 7 landscape Bridge connects Qianwan and Guiwan areas. The earliest bridge planned and constructed in Qianhai, the No. 7 bridge plays an important role in the design, construction and management of the other bridges in the free trade area. The bridge is built in the shape of a boat, fitting nicely into the surrounding landscape like a boat sailing in the sea. The 180-meter-long six-lane, two-way bridge opened to traffic in October 2016.

The other two bridges that have been put into operation in Qianhai are No. 2 Landscape Bridge and No. 6 Bridge.

No. 2 Landscape Bridge

According to information from the Qianhai construction command office, the No. 2 bridge is the first typical inward-rise horizontal arch bridge in the country. Spanning across the river corridor of Chanwan, the bridge links Tinghai Boulevard in the north and Chanwan Road in the south. It has eight vehicle lanes in two directions, two pedestrian sidewalks and nonvehicle lanes. The bridge is shaped like two butterfly wings, incorporating a concept of the coexistence of mountains, water and human beings.

A bird’s-eye view of No. 6 Landscape Bridge.

Dubbed “The Wave of Sea,” No. 6 Landscape Bridge links Qianwan and Guiwan areas. Spanning 175.44 meters long across the Guiwan River, the bridge is designed with separated fast and slow traffic lanes. Its body adopts the streamlined curved beam shape to form a visual ocean wave image under the bridge.

The four bridges are among the 11 bridges that have been planned for Qianhai. All 11 bridges were designed by world renowned architects.