16 overseas companies participate in Qianhai roadshow

Joao Rito brought the aquaculture recirculation system that his company specializes in to the roadshow at Qianhai Belt & Road International Roadshow Center today, where 15 other high-tech firms from Portugal and Brazil shared their high-tech innovations with potential investors.

The roadshow, hosted by Qianhai Inno-Tech Investment, had 16 startups in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, Internet of things (IoT), comprehensive health care, marine economy and new energy who presented their projects at the roadshow center.

Officials with the Qianhai Authority and Yau Yun-wah, director of the Economic Activities Development Department of the Economic Bureau of the Government of the Macao Special Administration Region, attended the roadshow, which also invited industrial experts and experienced investors to form the judge panel.

The event has attracted nearly 100 renowned venture capital firms in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, including Sequoia Capital, Shenzhen Capital Co. Ltd., Oriental Fortune Capital, Junsan Capital, Green Pine Capital Partners and ASB Ventures.

Rito, CEO of SEAentia, said his company has a solution to provide aquatic products to the growing population in a sustainable way. “China ranks first in the world in terms of the production of aquatic products, and it is also our main target customer,” he said at the roadshow.

Rito’s project has attracted the interest of Song Pingping, a partner with Oriental Fortune Capital. Song shared a localization proposal for Rito’s recirculation system to better cater to potential Chinese clients.

Another project from Portugal at the roadshow has developed a user-oriented app that enables interactions between the user and the city he or she is visiting. The founder of Citycheck told the audience that the company hopes to establish partnership with Chinese tourism operators like chain hotels, restaurants, public transport operators, schools and shops. “Citycheck hopes to bring a special experience to Chinese tourists with the app.”

The roadshow, the second event hosted at the roadshow center since its opening Aug. 20, aims to serve as a platform on which international entrepreneurs can learn about the economic development, the business environment of the Greater Bay Area, and the development potential for startups, and to seek cooperation opportunities between Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the international sci-tech innovation circle.

According to the roadshow organizers, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (the E-hub) and No. 1 Road Show Co., many other investors from home and abroad who couldn’t make it to Qianhai watched a live stream of the event online, which was organized by No. 1 Roadshow, and engaged in exchanges with the startups.

Gabriel Senra, CEO of a Brazil LegalTech company, was impressed by the E-hub. “In Brazil, we have a similar incubator called Cubo, the biggest one in Brazil,” said Senra, adding that Cubo helps connect entrepreneurs with potential investors. 

He said he was impressed with the good service the E-hub has to offer the startups, such as subsidized office space and other financial support. 

This was the second roadshow event held at the roadshow center since its inauguration last month. On Aug. 20, the first roadshow was organized for eight high-tech startups from Guangdong, Hong Kong and the United States. 

No. 1 Roadshow has applied AI technology to set up a databank of the world’s venture capital institutions and high-tech projects. By analyzing the data, it can help connect startups with potential venture capital in a short period of time. 

The Qianhai roadshow center will serve as an important financing platform for startups engaging in new technologies, such as AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT and blockchain, thanks to its favorable location. It will also help find financing for the application of smart city, fin-tech and biomedicine technologies, as well as sci-tech and cultural innovations, by organizing roadshows for such high-tech companies.