Qianhai entrepreneurs share startup stories with CGTN

Three young startup entrepreneurs in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (the E-hub) spoke highly of the startup incubator when they participated in a live broadcast on the high-quality development of Shenzhen by CGTN (China Global Television Network).
One of the entrepreneurs told the CGTN journalists that he was attracted to start a business in Qianhai because of the supportive policies the E-hub has to offer.
Yao Gang, CEO of Eaglefire, a startup company that produces drones, said his company has enjoyed a series of financial incentives after settling in the E-hub. “And the business registration procedures in Qianhai are simple, saving us a lot of time,” he said.
Young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong like Yao benefit from a series of favorable policies and receive subsidies of various kinds to start businesses in Qianhai.
Yao said his dream is to light up the sky with the drones made by his company.
Li Wenxin, another entrepreneur at the live broadcast event, said Qianhai’s ideal location is another plus to attract talents.
Li, director of public relations at GJS Robot in the E-hub, said she had developed a strong emotional connection with Qianhai after working there for four years. “It is a beautiful place and its proximity to Hong Kong helps attract talents from around China and the world,” she said.
Li said technology is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives as it makes a lot of previously impossible things possible. For example, a robot made by Li’s company offers people a new experience in real-life sports and entertainment. She said that high technology has become the focus of the young generation and technological innovations achieved at the E-hub have also helped woo more young people with creative ideas to work in Qianhai.  
The E-hub also welcomes entrepreneurs in fields other than technology. Huang Chushin, from Taiwan, has set up a finance education center called Huaxin FQ in the E-hub, because she sees the huge market potential here. “The number of middle-class and wealthy families on the Chinese mainland has been greatly increasing in the decades of development since the reform and opening up,” said Huang, who has more than 10 years of experience in wealth management and finance education in Taiwan. “People have started to pay attention to wealth management and they need finance education for the younger generation.”
Huang said Shenzhen is an inclusive city that welcomes talents from different backgrounds, and “the E-hub caters to my needs in entrepreneurship.”
The CGTN journalists were impressed with the favorable business environment in Qianhai after the three entrepreneurs shared their startup stories at the event and said Qianhai is likely to become the Silicon Valley of China.
The live broadcast was transmitted to multiple media platforms simultaneously, including the CGTN app, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. CGTN is previously known as CCTV News (China Central Television News).
The live broadcast is part of “New China,” a TV program initiated by CGTN to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The reporting team will conduct live coverage in cities and provinces across China to showcase achievements in various industries, as well as the current economic and social development in China.