Metro Line 5 extension to start operation on Sept. 28

It will take only 15 minutes to go from Qianhaiwan to Chiwan after the official operation of the Metro Line 5 extension starts Sept. 28, shortening the travel time between the two areas and easing commuting stress during peak hours.
The extension, with six new stations, starts at Qianhaiwan Station in the north, the current terminus station of Metro Line 5, and ends at Chiwan Station in the south, the westernmost station on Line 2. Riders on the extension will be able to transfer to Line 2 at Chiwan Station, and to the extension of Line 9 at Qianwan Station at the end of this year.
The 7.6-kilometer extension will bring the total length of Line 5 to 47.39 kilometers, and the city’s total Metro network to 292.6 kilometers.
The extension will run through a densely populated area near Danan Mountain and Xiaonan Mountain at Liwan Station and Chiwan Station. The operation of the extension will not only facilitate the transportation of the residents in this area, but also provide a convenient option for people going to Shekou via public transport.
The Railroad Garden Station, located at the center of the Qianhai CBD, will be a vital underground rail hub in Qianhai. The station is under Linhai Boulevard, where there are office buildings, commercial complexes and residential communities.
Currently, the public facilities in the stations along the extension, such as the escalators, elevators, barrier-free access, public restrooms and self-service ticketing machines, are ready to serve Metro riders.
Each station has an 11-meter-long art wall, on which artworks with different themes will be displayed. For example, residents will have access to the artwork “Infinity,” a painting that symbolizes the youth and vitality of Qianhai at Railroad Garden Station. The paintings at the other stations have integrated the natural and humanistic features of the offices, trade, ecology and residences in the Qianhai area.