Intelligent approval service facilitates enterprise registration

Qianhai took the lead to pilot the “Instant Approval” service for enterprise registration Thursday, which shortens the time for approval to within a minute. A quality inspection system for “Instant Approval” and a linkage mechanism for registration and management were established simultaneously to improve both the efficiency and quality of the establishment of a company. 
The “Instant Approval” is an intelligent approval service that is based on information sharing, automatic comparison and application materials verification to complete instant approval without human intervention. A data specification for standardized expressions of business scope has been established, allowing an applicant to choose his business from the menu selection section during an application, instead of the original method of manual filling.
The smart approval service system achieves accurate and standardized address information by applying the city’s unified address databank in the process of business registration. At the same time, the system is connected with the grid management system of Nanshan District to enable the daily inspection on limited liability companies established by natural persons. Those who do not comply with the relevant laws and regulations will be required to make correction or have their licenses revoked according to law, thus achieving a closed loop of registration and supervision.
In order to steadily promote the “Instant Approval” reform, Qianhai, Bao’an and Guangming have been selected to pilot the smart approval system before it will be promoted citywide. Applicants who meet the requirements will be informed of the approval result immediately by following the online instructions. The “Instant Approval” service has greatly improved the efficiency, as well as eliminated possible wrongdoings by staff of the business registration center during the reviewing process.
The system is the latest innovation in the reform of Qianhai’s business system. In recent years, Qianhai has continued to deepen the reform of the business system, such as the issuing of a business license that integrates multiple certificates and the launching of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Easy Registration” service, which have improved the level of the business environment in Qianhai.
Qianhai will continue to lower the threshold for entrepreneurship, reduce burdens for market players, expand space for investment, create conditions for fair business, and facilitate people's work and life, so as to take the lead in building a modern economic system that reflects the high-quality development requirements.