Measures support cross-border e-commerce in Qianhai

Cross-border e-commerce in Qianhai had realized the full coverage of “bonded import, bonded export and general export” businesses, as well as the full-path logistics development of “air, land and sea,” thanks to the reform and innovation measures introduced, it was announced at a press conference Thursday.
The press conference was jointly held by Shenzhen Customs and the Authority of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qianhai and Shekou Area.
On June 14 this year, the cross-border e-commerce general export model (9610 model) was successfully launched in the Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port Area. Under this model, after the overseas consumers place an order on the Internet, the e-commerce company will deliver the parcel directly to Qianhai, and customs will inspect and release the parcel according to the enterprise declaration list for quick clearance and ultimately choose an appropriate logistics channel to deliver the parcel to consumers. 
The trial operation of the 9610 model has attracted a large number of sources of goods to Qianhai, and promoted the development of the container and consolidation industries in Qianhai. From July to August alone, the amount of air cargo departing from the port reached 2,144 tons, an increase of 57 percent from the previous month, while the shipping business reached 2031 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit), up by 27 percent month-on-month.
Zeng Li, head of Dongguan E-Services Group, said that the 9610 model solves the problem of “small money amount, but large order volume” for cross-border B2C export, which allows enterprises to complete customs clearance more efficiently and at lower cost.
Statistics released by the Shenzhen Customs shows that as of August this year, the value of imports and exports of cross-border e-commerce in the Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port Area reached 3.62 billion yuan (US$50.78 million), a year-on-year increase of 55.3 percent. As of Sept. 24, 5,803 vehicles and 15.349 million parcels of 9610 model enterprises have been exported from the port area. The total value of goods exceeds 1.3 billion yuan, providing a new growth point for Shenzhen's foreign trade.
The new model has also attracted industry leaders and internationally renowned brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Asus, Apple, Nike and Samsung to gather in Qianhai, which has led to the initial formation of an industrial scale effect.