Qianhai to promote Internet notary service

As one of the “institutional innovation labs” of the Qianhai & Shekou Free Trade Area, Qianhai Notary Office has been striving to provide more convenience to the public through various innovative measures, such as the Internet notary service.
Currently, the Qianhai Notary Cloud Platform, which integrates various information technologies – such as real-name authentication, identity verification, facial recognition, electronic signature, and trusted time stamps – to provide online appointment, online acceptance and online contract signing services, has been put into operation.
The platform has been widely used in the fields of intellectual property, notarization, legal services, administrative law enforcement and judicial assistance. With the help of the platform, the methods of evidence acquisition have become more diversified, evidence fixing more secure, evidence storage more flexible and evidence verification more professional.
Xie Jingjie, deputy director of Qianhai Notary Office, said that the application of the platform has improved the traditional notarization service and accelerated the exchange, aggregation, derivation and integration of innovative elements, such as talents, funds and technology. “The platform has also stimulated the vitality of innovation and strongly promotes the further development of notarization services,” said Xie. 
A WeChat mini-program called “Notarization Cloud Meeting,” which provides enterprises with notarization services like online meetings and online voting, has also been launched by Qianhai Notary Office.
Through the mini-program, enterprises can independently and dynamically manage corporate meetings and efficiently verify the identities of corporate personnel. The entire meeting process will be recorded as evidence, and meeting participants can sign in and vote using the facial recognition technology, which makes meetings more convenient to participate in and more confidential.
The mini-program also has rich extended functions that can continuously provide comprehensive notary legal services for partner companies and their shareholders and families.
With the authorization of partner companies, the notary office can assist the companies with changing their industrial and commercial registration information, keeping copies of the companies’ legal documents, such as the articles of association, amendments to the articles of association, the register of shareholders, register of directors and resolutions of important shareholder meetings.
The office can also assign family notary consultants for company shareholders to provide family notary legal services, such as wills, inheritance, donation, bequests, legacy-support agreements, birth, guardianship, marriage, divorce, death, kinship, premarital property agreements and divorce property division agreements.
From January to October this year, Qianhai Notary Office provided 41,310 notary legal services to enterprises and individuals in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a year-on-year growth of 52.48 percent, and assisted with 23,383 judicial matters for the people’s court.