Qianhai to pilot hierarchical tax service

A hierarchical management method for the tax registration cancellation service has been promoted by the Qianhai taxation authority this year, aiming to provide taxpayers with better business handling experience.

The service is to divide taxpayers applying for tax registration cancellation into three levels according to the business type, scale of operation and credit status. The higher the taxpayer's rating is, the stricter the review will be.

On the basis of the ratings above, taxpayers in the real estate, finance, and commercial supply chain industries will be further classified and reviewed to strengthen the precise control on the key points and key indicators of the review.

Zhang Jinjian, a staff member with the Qianhai taxation authority, said that double-A rated taxpayers can cancel the tax registration by making promises, which means that as long as taxpayers with good credit promise to rectify and deal with the risk issues identified in the taxation review system in a timely manner, they can cancel their tax registration quickly and successfully.

“For double-B rated taxpayers, they can provide self-inspection proofs to accelerate the business handling process,” said Zhang.

Su Zhide, a legal person for the Qianhai Kaiwei Hechuang Trading Company, said that thanks to the hierarchical management method, he received the notice of successful cancellation one day after submitting the application.

“I thought it would be troublesome to cancel the registration, but it turned out to be smooth and highly efficient,” Su said.

In the third quarter of this year, the cancellation of businesses, which is complex and time-consuming, accounted for 11.03 percent of the window business volume at the Qianhai taxation authority.

Chen Weizhong, secretary of the party committee and director of the Qianhai taxation authority, said: “The implementation of a more scientific and efficient cancellation review system can greatly save time for taxpayers, and can be duplicated and promoted by other taxation-related businesses, thereby improving the quality of overall management and service."