Mawan cross-sea passage to complete construction in 2023

Construction is progressing smoothly on the Mawan cross-sea passage, which will separate passenger traffic from freight traffic in the area, thus reducing traffic pressure, after completion in 2023, according to the city’s transportation bureau.

Located in Nanshan District, the passage will start at the intersection of Mawan Boulevard and Yueliangwan Boulevard and end at the intersection of Dachanwan Toll Station of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway, Jinwan Boulevard and Xixiang Boulevard. The total length of the passage is 8.05 kilometers.

The passage will consist of a ground-level section and an underground section. The underground section is designed as an urban expressway, with six lanes in two directions. The designed speed is 80 kilometers per hour and the total length of the underground section is 6.28 kilometers.

The ground-level section is designed as an urban truck road, with six lanes in two directions. The designed speed is 40 kilometers per hour.

As the first super-large submarine tunnel in Shenzhen, the passage is expected to alleviate the huge traffic pressure in the Qianhai area. At the same time, freight traffic will be diverted away from the coastline, which will open up coastal space and enhance the urban environment and landscape of Qianhai.