Courts in FTZ to offer more convenient legal services

Three courts in the Guangdong (China) Pilot Free Trade Zone signed contracts at Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court on Dec.24, aiming to provide unified service standards for clients and set an example of high-level legal services for courts in the Greater Bay Area.

Nansha Pilot Free Trade Area Court in Guangzhou, the Qianhai court and Hengqin New Area Court in Zhuhai signed three agreements regarding collaborations on cross-region case filing, cross-region mediation, cross-region hearing, resource sharing (including Hong Kong and Macao mediator resource sharing), recognition of the mediation results from the three courts and unified regulations and procedures for mediation made by Hong Kong and Macao mediators.

“The cooperation will allow litigants to file cases in any of the three courts. It will bring convenience to the clients, because they can choose to file their cases at the closest court and the court will hear the cases with the agreement of the court with judicial rights. The clients can also review the e-files at any of the courts,” said Ye Qing, vice president of the Qianhai court. “They can also choose which court to apply to make testimony, hearings and open a court session.”

Wen Changzhi, president of the Qianhai court, said they were the first to sign such collaboration agreements in China.

“We are the initiators and expect to offer practices and examples to courts in the Greater Bay Area to build a unified standard for case-filing, trial and other legal services, building a business-friendly environment for investors in the area and ensuring clients have convenient and effective legal services,” he said.